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Baby H.

I've been MIA because...... I'M PREGNANT! Yes, Dan and I are expecting a baby in August 2015. I have waited for this moment for sooooo long! Today was my first ultrasound and prenatal visit. We got to hear the heartbeat- already strong at only 6 weeks and 5 days! We are so over the moon! Crazy to think it already has a gender too!!!! I'm going to be using this journal as a journal to the baby as well as I hear that's a good bonding tool.
Crap my Lj cut is tweaking. Sorry!
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Dec. 6th, 2013

Gotta wait for Panera to start serving soup (10:30). Guess I'll take a sickly siesta, then go get my food. Then CVS for some powerade and Vicks.

The joys of being sick. I'd rather be at work. Rare sentence.


Purge time

I am going to be purging/ deleting users from my Lj. It's no hard feelings, I just need to keep my friends list short as that's just how I am since I'm so honest in my posts.

Thanks for understanding.


Aug. 1st, 2013

Today is my endoscopy. Woot. Not. I'm making them completely put me out instead of just conscious sedation. Here we go...


Nov. 25th, 2012

My mirena is out!!!! I feel so much better! 100% better. I need to pick out some scrubs and iron them for tomorrow. Oh, and pack my lunch. Relaxing bubble bath first though!

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Making myself a blanket


I will post the after picture verry soon, hopefully!

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I Kristinized it


My new cutting board kicks ass

It even has a stand to display it while not in use! My brother rocks.

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